The TXRA and the NFRA endorsed Ted Cruz for president. And that is also my preference. But as an Assembly member, I will support whomever wins the GOP nomination – as I have always done. What Mitt Romney did today to Donald Trump potentially undercuts the ability of our Party to beat Hillary in November and is not worthy of a former presidential nominee of the Republican Party. I’ve always known the “Establishment” had deep tenacles into the fabric of American political life but I am still surprised that Romney would demean himself and roll over to such a degree. Now more than ever we need the Assembly movement, which is “The Republican Wing of the Republican Party.”

By Steve Hollern

President, Texas Republican Assembly September 2013 to present
President, Texas Republican Assembly 1999 to July 2005
Tarrant County Republican Party Chairman 1988 to 1998 (retired)
Delegate to Republican Natioal Convention 1992
Regional Chairman, Reagan For President Campaign 1980

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